López-Istúriz White: We are ready for any political and economic scenario following Brexit

Antonio López-Istúriz

The Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP) and Member of the European Parliament, Antonio López-Istúriz White, has assured today that “the coming months may not be easy due to Brexit, but I am sure that the deep ties we have established among the 27 member states in these past decades will enable us to overcome any economic and political scenario that this sad episode in European history may have. We are prepared.”

After Brexit we will continue working with our British friends and partners, building bridges and finding solutions to common challenges.”

Speaking at a Forum in Oxford on the state of the European Union to British politicians, as well as business, academia and civil society representatives from across Europe, López-Istúriz recalled that “in the EU we have always transformed challenges in to opportunities and we have emerged from crises stronger, converting every crisis into an opportunity to improve. Almost every time, against the predictions of many, Europeans have come together to find solutions and move forward. That is why I am optimistic.”

“As an example, after the serious economic crisis that hit Europe, when many forecasted the end of the EU, more than 12 and a half million jobs were created just in the past few years, reducing unemployment to its lowest level this century. That being said, there are citizens that are still suffering the consequences of the crisis and there remains work to be done.”

In this regard, he recalled that “EPP Governments with responsible leaders took difficult, even unpopular, but courageous measures which put their countries on the path to recovery.”

“In fact, an economic policy focused on people, climate change, European leadership on digital innovation and the reinforcement of the rule of law are other current challenges of the European Union and the priorities for the new European Executive that will run as from 1 November.”

The Secretary General of the EPP also highlighted that when the UK leaves the European Union, the European Parliament will have an even stronger pro-EU majority than in the previous term.