EPP President: Only the centre-right can move Portugal forward

Ahead of the Portuguese parliamentary elections on Sunday 6 October, Joseph DAUL, the European People’s Party President (EPP), has wished the best of luck to EPP member parties PSD and CDS-PP and their respective leaders Rui RIO and Assunção CRISTAS:

“The Portuguese citizens aspire for a country that offers them opportunities and prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.  The centre-right is the only viable and responsible choice to undertake the necessary reforms and create the economic conditions to unleash Portugal’s potential, foster a more cohesive society and protect the most vulnerable.

The current socialist government has failed the Portuguese people. They have let the health and the education sectors and public transport descend into tatters. They are exerting huge fiscal pressure on the citizens. When the conditions were favourable, the PS leadership missed an opportunity to provide better services and prepare Portugal for rainy days.

PSD and CDS-PP strive for a society where families are supported so that they can look after their children and elderly relatives, where Portuguese people and businesses, freed from fiscal burden, can reach their potential, where public services function, where actions are taken to secure the future of the next generation and the country. On Sunday, the Portuguese citizens can make the choice for a society that cares for one another and brings them forward. That choice is a vote for PSD and CDS-PP. “