EPP President: LDK and Vjosa Osmani are Kosovo’s future

Ahead of the parliamentary elections in Kosovo, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph Daul, has made the following statement:

“As the citizens of Kosovo head to the polls this Sunday, I am convinced that they will entrust EPP member party LDK with a resounding victory and a strong mandate to reform and bring Kosovo closer to the EU. Kosovars have to make an important choice for their future. With Vjosa Osmani, they will elect the best option for advancing the country on the Euro-Atlantic path and tackling the necessary reforms.

LDK already has a track record of success in leading Kosovo during challenging times and delivering for their citizens. It was LDK, under the leadership of Isa Mustafa, who brought hope, opportunities and new perspectives by negotiating and implementing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU. This work now needs to be completed.

I am convinced that LDK, with its lead candidate Vjosa Osmani, can achieve another milestone for Kosovo. I am proud that the LDK list, together with its lead candidate, shows the party can attract young, talented and energetic politicians. Vjosa Osmani is a very experienced MP who has always been close to the peoples’ concerns and is the first female nominated to become Prime Minister. She is the most suited and best placed to continue to fight against corruption, achieve an independent judiciary and implement the rule of law for the benefit of all the Kosovars. Only if these conditions are met, will investors come to Kosovo, create new jobs and give the young generation the opportunity to stay in the country.

The choice is clear. As EPP we fully support Vjosa Osmani and trust the strong capacities of her team. Together with LDK, EPP will remain a strong supporter of Kosovo’s EU path.”